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The DELE B1 exam of Spanish is an intermediate level that the Instituto Cervantes awards with its official accreditation diplomas of Spanish.
In order to pass the B1 level of Spanish we must have a wider knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, as it is an intermediate level and this requires a good preparation to be able to pass the DELE B1 exam without any problems.

DELE B1 exam

The DELE B1 Spanish exam consists of 4 tests. Each of them is composed of several tasks, a duration and a minimum score to be able to pass in that group. Below, I detail each of these tests:

  • The first test for the DELE B1 exam will be reading comprehension. You will have a maximum of 70 minutes to complete this test.
  • The second test to be taken in the exam is listening comprehension. This test lasts 40 minutes.
  • The third test in the Intermediate Spanish Examination is written expression and interaction. In this test there are two tasks and you will have a maximum time of 60 minutes.
  • The last test of the B1 exam consists of oral expression and interaction. In this test you will have 15 minutes to prepare for the test. Afterwards, the test will last 15 minutes where the teacher will evaluate our oral knowledge.

dele b1 exam

In each test of the B1 exam, we can have a maximum score of 25 points, reaching a total of 100 points. 

In order to obtain a PASS, the B1 exam grade is grouped into two groups:

Group 1: Group 1 includes reading comprehension and written expression and interaction. In order to pass this group, a minimum mark of 30 out of 50 is required.

Group 2: Group 2 will cover listening comprehension and oral expression and interaction. As before, a minimum mark of 30 out of the maximum mark of 50 will be required.

In the event that we do not reach the minimum score of 30 in a group, our exam will be considered NOT PASSED.

DELE B1 oral exam

The most dreaded test of the DELE B1 exam par excellence. The oral test is the fourth test to be prepared for in the exam.

This test is composed of 4 tasks:

  • In task 1 we are going to give a short presentation on a topic on which you give your opinion.
  • In Task 2 you will have a conversation with the examiner on the topic of Task 1.
  • In task 3, we will describe a photograph and then return to a conversation about it.
  • In task 4 of the DELE B1 exam, we will conduct a dialogue in a simulated situation.
examen b1 español

Before entering the room with the examiner, you will have 15 minutes to prepare for the entire oral part of the DELE B1 exam. Once these 15 minutes of preparation time have elapsed, we will enter the room to do the oral task with the examiner. 

The oral test with the examiner will last 15 minutes.

Model DELE B1 exam

The Instituto Cervantes provides students with a sample DELE B1 Spanish exam. In the following link you can find a real Spanish exam.

tareas dele b1 español

How to prepare for the DELE B1 exam

It is always advisable to prepare for the DELE B1 exam with a qualified Spanish teacher who is an official DELE examiner.

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In addition, with Paula Ribas Escuela de Español you can prepare for all levels of Spanish (A1 to C1) or prepare for the DELE exam which will allow you, if applicable, to obtain Spanish nationality.

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