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As you know, and if you don’t, I will explain it here, the DELE B2 oral test consists of 3 tasks with a total duration of 20 minutes.

In addition to the 20 minutes of the DELE B2 oral test, you will have 20 minutes to prepare for tasks 1 and 2. Task 3 is not prepared.

For tasks 1 and 2, as well as having 20 minutes to prepare, you can make a small outline which you can then take with you to the examination room and refer to during the DELE B2 oral test.

I recommend that you only write something very sketchy so that you are not tempted to read what you have written during the assignments. If you just read it, you will get an automatic NO APTO.

But we don’t want this to happen, do we? So that you learn how to draw up a good outline and not just read the long paragraphs you have written, I am going to give you some guidelines to prepare it successfully.

We will separate them by task as they are quite different in content.

Preparation for task 1 of the DELE B2 oral test

In TASK 1, give a short, fixed introduction. Vary what you are going to say only by changing the topic you are asked to talk about.

For example:

In relation to the issue of renewable energies, I will evaluate a series of solutions, as well as their advantages and disadvantages in relation to this problem.

Secondly, you need to comment on the proposals. Remember to keep it short as this is the most important point and also the longest. Summarise the information and point out only what is important. You will have to talk about at least 4 proposals.

examen oral DELE B2

I recommend that in this part you write down the connectors you are going to use and which proposals you are going to comment on.

For example, one type of scheme for this part would be:

En primer lugar

Proposal 1 (Advantage and disadvantage).

Por otra parte

Proposal 2 (advantage and disadvantage).

Respecto a la tercera propuesta

Proposal 3 (advantage and disadvantage).

Por último y respecto a la cuarta solución

Proposal 4 (advantage and disadvantage).

Finally, draw up a conclusion, which can include a personal assessment. You can write down connectors such as:

Por último, para terminar, como conclusión…
A mi entender, a mi juicio, personalmente considero que… (to enter a personal assessment).

Preparation for task 2 of the DELE B2 oral test

The outline of TASK 2 follows a similar structure although the content changes as the type of task is totally different although related to the previous topic.

First of all, we will briefly introduce the topic we are going to talk about.

For example, in the scheme we can note the following:

En esta fotografía podemos observar…/Esta fotografía nos muestra… + El tema de la fotografía.

oral DELE B2

In the second part, you will have to include the information requested in the task, i.e. answer the questions it asks you.

You do not have to answer the questions mechanically. Remember that it is very important that you do it in a coherent and fluent way. Therefore, in the outline I recommend that you write down connectors such as:

Creo que estás en…

Por lo que puedo observar en la imagen, estas personas parecen…

Creo que están hablando de…

Finally, it draws a conclusion from the last question, which is usually: “¿Qué crees que pasará después?”. En el esquema incluye estructuras como esta:

Por lo descrito anteriormente considero que lo que va a pasar después…/Como consecuencia de esta situación, creo que después…

Remember that you can NOT read what you write. This outline should guide you and should be a very well organised structure of what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. You can look at it, but never read it.

In our DELE classes I provide you with all these materials, tools and strategies so that you can organise your speech and obtain the APTO in your DELE diploma.

Contact me and start preparing for the official exam!

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