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As you know, and if you don’t, I’ll tell you right now, the DELE B2 exam is divided into 4 tests.

  • Prueba 1: Comprensión de lectura.
  • Test 2: Listening comprehension.
  • Test 3: Written expression and interaction.
  • Test 4: Oral expression and interaction.

One of the tasks that most worries the student who takes the DELE is Test 3. It may happen that the student has a good oral level, but when it comes to writing, he or she has some difficulties. Expressing yourself in writing in a language is not an easy task. It requires a deeper reflection on the part of the student.

DELE B2 writing task 2

When we write, we have a hard task ahead of us. We have to pay attention to grammatical correctness, accents, punctuation marks and using the right vocabulary. If, on top of all this, we have to write about a subject we don’t usually talk about and with specific instructions, the subject can become more complicated. To make matters worse, if we add a graphic that needs to be commented on, we are lost.

Therefore, in this post I am going to explain what the DELE B2 written test consists of and, more specifically, DELE B2 writing task 2, as well as some recommendations on how to do it successfully on the day of the exam.

Structure of the test 3. Written expression and interaction

This test is divided into 2 tasks and has a total duration of 80 minutes, i.e. you will have about 40 minutes to prepare for each task.

In task 1 the skills are integrated. This means that you will write an essay based on a spoken text which you will listen to beforehand.

In task 2 you will write an opinion piece based on a graph or a text. You can choose between these two options.

In this post, let’s focus on DELE B2 Writing Task 2. Let’s look at this task in detail.

How to do DELE B2 writing task 2

Based on a graph, a text or a table with statistical data, you will write a text following clearly defined instructions in DELE B2 Writing Task 2.

Remember that you have 2 options:

Option A: Article in which you have to comment on a graph.

Option B: Blog article or review.

In this post, we will focus on option A.

You have 40 minutes to complete this task. It is important that you read the statement and the instructions carefully. You will also need to study the graph quickly and then compare the data shown on it.

Normally, the structure is very similar and is repeated in all exams. You will have to divide the paper into several parts.

tarea 2 DELE B2

DELE B2 written expression example

To see a real case, let’s assume that the subject of the article and the graph is the accumulation of waste in households.

I propose a general structure for writing the article:

  • Introduce the topic: introduce the topic and say what you are going to talk about. Use connectors such as, “actualmente”, “hoy en día”, “en nuestros días”…
  • Comment on the graph: start commenting on the points indicated in the instructions. You can use phrases such as “a continuación, voy a analizar los datos que aparecen en el gráfico…”, “por una parte/por otra”, “me gustaría resaltar”…
  • Express your opinion: don’t forget to express your opinion on the subject with structures such as “a mi juicio”, “bajo mi punto de vista”…
  • Concludes: concludes the topic and uses connectors to do so, such as “en conclusión”, “para resumir” o “en resumen”.

Once you are clear about the structure, let’s look at some recommendations that are key to making this task a success.

Recommendations for DELE B2 Writing Task 2

I recommend you to follow these small tips that are of vital importance to manage well the written task 2 of the DELE B2.

  • Prepare an outline of the information you are going to talk about.
  • Use connectors to organise your speech.
  • Stick to the word limit (150-180).
  • Uses grammatical structures of level B2.
  • Use specific vocabulary.
  • Check spelling.
  • Talk about all the points the task asks for.

It is difficult, but it is important that you spend a few minutes at the end to check the text. When we analyse the text as a whole, it is easier to see the mistakes.

tarea escrita del examen DELE B2

Along with the task of the DELE oral test, this is one of the tasks that worries students the most. You can see other posts about the oral test in the blog, as well as the evaluation of the DELE oral test, also very important to know exactly what you are going to be evaluated.

Start preparing for the DELE exam with us and enjoy the professional opportunities that come with studying Spanish.

Discover the guarantee of success in learning this language!

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