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As you might expect, the C1 level of Spanish (Proficiency) requires a high degree of proficiency in the language, as the name suggests.

As the Cervantes Institute says, level C1 “requires fluency in processing all types of texts, both oral and written”. The aim is for the candidate to express themselves easily and effortlessly, adapting to any situation that may arise, whether in the social, work or academic spheres.

Therefore, the texts and tasks you will encounter in the DELE C1 will require you to master all of the above with different tasks that will assess your ability to do so successfully.

In this post, I’m going to explain the structure of the DELE C1 oral test as well as the preparation of the DELE C1 oral task 1.

Structure of the DELE C1 oral test

Unlike the other levels, the C1 oral test integrates skills and is therefore renamed: INTEGRATED SKILLS: READING COMPREHENSION AND ORAL EXPRESSION AND INTERACTION.

Thus, you will have to elaborate an oral speech in one of the tasks on the basis of a text.

Let’s see how many tasks the test is divided into:

  • Task 1 DELE C1 exam: consists of an oral presentation of a long text.
  • Task 2 DELE C1 exam: you have to have a conversation with the interviewer on the topic of task 1.
  • Task 3 DELE C1 exam: you will have to hold a conversation with the interviewer until you reach an agreement.
Estructura de la prueba oral DELE C1

Duration of the DELE C1 oral test

The test has a total duration of 20 minutes, plus 20 minutes of pre-preparation for tasks 1 and 2. Task 3 is NOT prepared.

Remember to manage those 20 minutes of preparation for the 2 tasks well and divide the time so that you can prepare both tasks equally.

It is true that perhaps oral task 1 is more extensive and demanding and requires a few more minutes of preparation. Even so, don’t forget to prepare task 2.

Having understood the general structure of the test, I will now describe DELE C1 Oral TASK 1 and some recommendations for preparing for it.

DELE C1 oral task 1 : Oral exposition from a text

This task will have a duration of 3 to 5 minutes of monologue.

What is DELE C1 Oral Task 1?

It consists of reading a long and complex text of about 800 words and making a monologue about it according to some guidelines that I will explain in the next point. It can be a document related to the public, educational or professional sphere. 

What do you have to do in DELE C1 oral task 1?

  • Read the text well.
  • Extract the main idea.
  • Extract and comment on secondary ideas.
  • Understand the author’s intention.

Remember that to do all this you will have had some time to prepare. Therefore, take notes and make an outline to organise your ideas. You can take this outline with you to the exam room for reference, but NEVER READ IT.

In the following section I give you some tips on how to prepare for DELE C1 oral task 1 and make your outline as visual as possible.

Tarea 1 DELE C1

How do I prepare for task 1 oral in the DELE C1 exam?

I’ll give you some tips on how to prepare it.

1º Write down the vocabulary specific to the topic, i.e. if it is talking about the environment, write down all the words related to this topic that you find in the text. The scope, i.e. your linguistic repertoire, is assessed in the exam. So take advantage of the information provided in the text!

2º Write a summary sentence for each paragraph of the text. In this way, it will be easier to detect the progression of the text and you will be able to easily extract the main idea and the secondary ones..

3º Write down different types of connectors to order your speech. For example, introductory, argumentative and concluding connectors which will help you to organise your speech. Remember that coherence is assessed in the exam and it is very important that you use a variety of connectors.

4º Look at the type of text. If it is a text taken from a newspaper, perhaps the author’s intention is to inform or convince about something. This information can be valuable to understand the author’s intention.

Structure all this in an outline based on words, connectors, numbers and arrows. Do not make long texts because you will be tempted to read and you will not see the information at a glance.

With whom do I prepare task 1 for the DELE C1 exam?

It is very important that you ask yourself with whom you are preparing for the test, as it must be an official DELE examiner and preparer who knows the test in detail.

In order to pass the DELE, it is not only enough to have a good level, but also to develop a series of strategies and keys that will lead you to a guaranteed APTO.

Set yourself the goal of obtaining the DELE and start preparing for it with me!

Profesora preparación DELE C1

In addition, as an official examiner and preparer, we will study which is the best time and date for the DELE exam for you and we will correct some mistakes that you need to eliminate in order to start speaking Spanish like a native, write perfectly, improve your level and obtain the DELE.

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