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As I explained in a previous post all about the oral task 1 of the DELE C1, I want to dedicate this post to another of the most difficult tests for the students we prepare for the DELE. The written task 1 of the DELE C1.

This test is Test 3: listening comprehension and written expression and interaction.

Below we explain the structure of DELE C1 test 3.

Structure of DELE C1 Test 3: Listening Comprehension and Written Expression and Interaction

DELE C1 test 3 consists of 2 tasks:

Task 1: based on the comprehension of an oral text, you will have to write an argumentation/exposition in which you will gather the main ideas of the audio and add a personal opinion on the subject.

Task 2: in this task, you will be able to choose between 2 options.

  • Option 1: write a review, article or report.
  • Option 2: write a letter of complaint, letter of recommendation, letter of application for a scholarship, etc.

To do these 2 tasks you will have a total of 80 minutes. The audio of task 1 is included in these 80 minutes. This is important because you will have to deduct this time from the writing time.

Recomendaciones para la tarea 1 escrita del DELE C1

As each task needs its own exhaustive description and particular tips, in this post we will focus on explaining how to do Task 1 of DELE C1 Test 3.

How to do the DELE C1 written task 1

As mentioned above, in this task we will listen to a long spoken text.

The oral stimulus may consist of:

  • Speech.
  • Conference.
  • Presentation.

This oral text, which we will listen to beforehand, is long and complex. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to do the written task 1 of the DELE C1.

We will listen to the oral text 2 times:

In a first listening, it is important that you do not take notes or just a few single words. You need to dedicate this first listening to understand what the audio is about.

In the second listening, make an outline of the main ideas to guide you in writing your argument.

como hacer  la tarea 1 escrita del DELE C1

In the last paragraph, don’t forget to express your point of view on the issue.

In order to prepare it, we propose a fixed structure that will make your DELE C1 writing task much easier on the day of the exam.

Example of DELE C1 written task 1

To put ourselves in the situation, let’s assume that we are listening to a radio programme in which they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of technological advances.

The fixed structure you can use is as follows:

  • Introduce the topic: say what the audio is talking about and what you are going to talk about next. For example: “During the radio programme, the advantages and disadvantages of technological advances are presented…”.
  • State the arguments: explain the arguments or the different positions expressed in the audio. To do this, it is important that you use connectors such as “on the one hand”, “on the other hand, on the other hand”…
  • Express your personal opinion: This point is very important as it is one of the instructions required by the task. The connectors you can use are “in my opinion”, “in my point of view”…

In the following section we will look at some recommendations for the successful completion of DELE C1 Written Task 1.

Pasos para hacer el DELE C1

Recommendations for DELE C1 written task 1

If you want to save time and be efficient on test day, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • In the first listening, write down only key words. In the second, however, make an outline that will serve as a “skeleton” when writing the argument.
  • Divide the writing into paragraphs following the structure of the previous point.
  • Use connectors to make the argument coherent.
  • Stick to the word limit (220-250).
  • Adapt to the register and type of text.
  • Use specific vocabulary.
  • Check spelling.
  • Don’t forget to express your point of view on the issue.

Remember that you will have about 80 minutes for the 2 tasks. That is, about 40 minutes to do DELE C1 Written Task 1. It is important to remember that the listening time is included in these 40 minutes, so the writing time will be reduced.

The DELE C1 requires a higher level of knowledge, as well as efficient preparation guided by a professional. For this reason, I recommend that you prepare with us, official DELE examiners. We know all the details in depth and we will teach you the necessary strategies to achieve the APTO. At our school, you can prepare for the DELE exam and get an international recognition or take general Spanish classes to increase your oral level and learn Spanish vocabulary.

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