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Do you want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? Are you afraid of not being able to communicate with the natives? Do you need to learn the most used Spanish phrases to travel to Spain?

Don’t be afraid! In this post, I propose useful phrases to help you communicate fluently on your desired trip.

As the Spanish proverb says, “donde fueres haz lo que vieres” (where you go, do as you please). This famous saying means that it is advisable to adapt to the customs of the country you are in. Therefore, even if they understand you in your own language, the natives will always appreciate it if you make an effort to respect their customs and speak their language.

It is normal to think that you are going to make a fool of yourself because you do not speak Spanish or do not pronounce it well. Get rid of this fear! In Spanish-speaking countries people are very friendly and understanding and they will appreciate it very much if you speak Spanish.

You also have to consider that in Spanish-speaking countries there are many people who do not speak English or have a basic level. Therefore, it is very useful for you to learn some useful phrases to be able to communicate in different contexts.

To help you and solve your problem, I have decided to write this post and elaborate a free pdf to provide you with the basic tools to defend yourself during your holidays in Spain.

In this post, you will find a free downloadable pdf where you will be able to see some of the most used phrases in 5 different contexts in which you will find yourself during your trip.

Below, I explain the contents of this pdf.

spanish phrases for travel

Free downloadable PDF of Spanish phrases for travelling

The pdf is divided into 5 pages. Therefore, it contains phrases for 5 different situations. You will find the phrases in Spanish with their respective English translation.

The pdf contains basic phrases for greetings and goodbyes, useful phrases at the airport, in the restaurant, on the street and in the hotel.

At the end of this post, you can download this free pdf to take it with you on your mobile phone and consult it whenever you need it.


Prepare for your trip to Spain

If in addition to these basic phrases, you would like to learn more, book a free trial lesson to get to know us and talk about that trip you are looking forward to.

In the Spanish classes, I will teach you vocabulary and recreate everyday situations so that you will feel confident in the situations you will encounter.
you feel confident in the situations you will encounter.

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you are going to visit.

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Download the PDF with the most used phrases in Spanish for travelling


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